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1Who was involved

This project has been blessed by the generosity and assistance of many good people. I thank the United Church of Zambia for the trust placed in me, and the commitment to a new Sunday School resource shown by the Synod Bishop, Rev Bishop Mutale Mulumbwa, and the General Secretary, Rev Peggy Mulambya-Kabonde. I should also like to place on record my appreciation to the Secretary for Mission and Evangelism, Rev Richard Chimfwembe, and Rev Bishop Sydney Sichilima for their guidance and support. I thank Mr Roy Shikombelo and Sunday School teachers of Choma, Monza and Mazabuka consistories; and Mr Humphrey Mulenga and Sunday School representatives of Lusaka South Consistory for their kindness in reviewing the lessons. I also greatly appreciated the practical help given by Mr Timothy Sichone and other members of the teaching staff at St Andrew’s UCZ congregation in Ndola. I thank the Council of the Congregational Federation for gifting my time to undertake this project and for generously supporting the cost of publication. I thank all the publishers and artists who so generously allowed use of their copyrighted material, in particular Mr Charles Kirkpatrick and Mr Henry Martin of sermons4kids, and Mrs Rosemary North of Scripture Union. Every effort has been made to acknowledge and trace holders of copyright. If there are any omissions in this respect, I apologise and shall be pleased to make due amendment in any subsequent editions. Finally, I am indebted to Mr Mark Howard for his expertise in preparing this material for publication; Mr Trevor Metcalfe for his outstanding original artwork; and Mrs Jane Haward and Mrs Amy Brewer for their invaluable help. All in all, it has been my joy and privilege to receive so many kindnesses from so many people, and I praise God for you all. Stephen Haward, July 2013

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